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The health of our community, visitors, and staff is our number one priority.

Council’s response to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is being guided by the latest advice from Commonwealth and State authorities.

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Vision, Mission & Values

Council acknowledges its accountability to ratepayers for the creating of community values and safeguarding ratepayer funds. This is achieved by the adoption and monitoring of corporate strategies, plans, policies and performance.

Vision & Aspirations


Respecting the Past,
Creating our Future.


Supporting community life through the provision of services, creating a healthy balance of urban and rural whilst fostering health, recreation, learning, investment, jobs & transport opportunities.

Values Statement

Light Regional Council acknowledges its accountability to its residents and ratepayers for the creation and fostering of community values and safeguarding ratepayer funds. This is achieved by the adoption and monitoring of corporate strategies, plans, policies and performance.

Light Regional Council, in developing its core values, has considered some of the key ingredients to maximising its service delivery. An entity that exists to provide services to the greater community such as a Council must develop some core values for the staff and elected members to stand by as they perform their duties.

At Light Regional Council, the staff and elected members embrace the following three clear and truly core values which go to the heart of the Council's ideology. These values express how the Council operates, lives, breathes and expresses itself through its daily duties in a clear and succinct manner;

  • Leadership
  • Environmental and Financial Sustainability
  • Respect, Honesty and Integrity

As Council harnesses its vision and aspirations encompassed by its core values of operation, it leads to a future of benefits for the residents, ratepayers and visitors of the region.



To facilitate population growth within and around the townships capitalising on the existing infrastructure, creating an economic critical mass whilst being mindful of preserving the rural character and heritage within the region.


To encourage economic development, tourism and cultural industries, sustainable small business and entrepreneurial initiatives in the area to create prosperity and local employment sources.

Physical Infrastructure

To maintain and deliver or cause to be delivered through the release of growth areas, the necessary quality physical infrastructure to accommodate a sustainable growing community in partnership with other spheres of government, neighbouring Councils and the private sector.

Social Infrastructure

To facilitate, deliver or cause to be delivered the required social infrastructure to effectively service the current and future population of the region.

Financial Capital

To generate sufficient capital from; rate revenue growth, the strategic use of debt, asset restructuring, Federal & State Government funding, philanthropic funding assistance, private sector infrastructure contributions and quality 'works-in-kind', in order to accommodate and manage the population growth over the next decade.

Environmental Sustainability

To capitalise on the opportunity to implement more sustainable developments going forward through more efficient use of energy, utilisation of green power alternatives, exploring opportunities associated with carbon trading, storm and wastewater reuse and efficient management of natural resources.

LRC Customer Service Charter

Our Service Commitment

The Light Regional Council is committed to responding to all members of the community in a professional, visionary way. The Customer Service Charter documents our commitment to continuously improve customer service provision to ensure the wide ranging needs of our customers (including citizens, visitors, community groups, Councillors and Council employees) is delivered.

Our Service Values

  • To treat you with courtesy and respect
  • To be honest and act with integrity
  • To understand your needs
  • To act on commitments as quickly as possible
  • To evaluate our service

Our Service Approach

We will

  • Be approachable and professional
  • Welcome all customer service enquiries with a smile and a helpful, friendly manner
  • Follow up on service commitments that we make to you
  • Be punctual for meetings and appointments
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to requests for services
  • Strive to exceed expectations
  • Give a commitment to provide a service by a specific date
  • Continue to improve service delivery by listening to your opinions and suggestions

Our Service Standards

Answering the Telephone

We will:

  • Answer calls promptly within 5 rings and transfer your call to the relevant staff member as requested
  • State the Council's name and employee's name
  • Return calls on the same day if possible and certainly within 24 hours
  • If the service you are seeking is not provided by Council we will endeavour to direct you to the correct service provider


  • Ensure that the reception counter is staffed during business hours
  • Ensure staff will be available if you assist us by making an appointment in advance e.g. development approvals

Written contact with Council (letter, email, fax, CRS)

  • Respond to your written correspondence within five working days
  • Contact you and explain the reason for any delay and, where possible, tell you when a response will be available if your request is more complex and requires greater attention