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Elected Member Register of Interest

In order to be as transparent as possible to Council’s community in the decision making process, Elected Members are required to lodge with the Council a Primary Return at the commencement of their term in office and then annually via an Ordinary Return, disclosing their interests (refer Forms 3 and 4 ‘Register of members' interests’ - Local Government (General) Regulations 2013.

Within a month of any change to their interests, Elected Members are required to update their returns.

Under Section 70(a1) of the Local Government act 1999 ("the Act") the Council must publish on its website the following details about a Council Member as recorded in the Register of Interests:

  • The Council member’s income sources (within the meaning of Schedule 3 of the Act) or employer;
  • The name of any political party, any body or association formed for political purposes or any trade or professional organisation (within the meaning of Schedule 3 of the Act) of which the Council member is a member
  • Any gifts of $750 or above received by the Council member that are required to be included in the information entered in the Register in relation to the member.

Under Section 71 of the Act there are restrictions and penalty on publication:

(1) A person must not-

  • (a) publish information derived from a Register unless the information constitutes a fair and accurate summary of the information contained in the Register and is published in the public interest; or
  • (b) comment on the facts set forth in a Register unless the comment is fair and published in the public interest and without malice.

Elected Members Register of Interest Summary Extract

Elected Member Gifts And Benefits Register

For the purpose of Clause 3.10 of the Code of Conduct for Council Members adopted under Section 63(1) of the Local Government Act 1999 and published in the Gazette on 29 August 2013, any Gift or Benefit received must also be registered if it exceeds the value of $100.

Elected Members Gift and Benefits Register