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Requests for Service, Compliments, Complaints & Vandalism Reports

The Light Regional Council aims to respond to all members of the community in an approachable and professional manner. We review customer’s request for service, feedback and complaints forms to assist us to continuous improve of our services.

We aim to resolve requests for service and complaints as quickly as possible, however also acknowledge that from time to time, customers may be dissatisfied with how a service, program or project has been delivered. We encourage customers to advise us of things which have not been satisfactory so we can remedy matters where possible.

If you are not satisfied with how a request for service or complaint is dealt with, we can provide additional information regarding alternative procedures for a more formal review of Council’s decision on a matter, or upon request, alternative external authorities through which a customer may seek assistance. Please refer to the Internal Review of Council Decisions Procedures or contact the Customer Service on 8525 3200 for further information.


Light Regional Council recognises the importance of delivering outstanding customer service. We try hard to ensure we provide up to date knowledge and promote exceptional customer service.

If one of our staff has given you a high standard of service or you have had a positive experience dealing with the Light Regional Council, please let us know. Acknowledging outstanding effort helps us to encourage a culture of excellent customer service across the organisation.

Please complete the Compliments Form to submit your compliment to Council or contact us using your preferred approach.


There is an important difference between a request for service and a complaint:

A Complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with a product or service delivered by the Council or its representative that has failed to reach the standard stated, implied or reasonably expected. This includes complaints about a service that has been, or should have been delivered but does not include any action, decision or service of a Council employee in administering any Act of Parliament, inclusive but not limited to the following:-

  • Development Act;
  • Public Health Act;
  • Food Act;
  • Expiation of Offences Act; and
  • Dog and Cat Management Act.

or any determination made by Council’s Development Assessment Panel or Building Fire Safety Committee.

Complaints which are determined to be about matters that are not Council’s responsibility, such as disputes between neighbours, will not be handled under this policy.

Request for Service occurs when a Customer Request (online request) or similar means is generated to have Council or its representative take some form of action to provide a Council service. 


Request for Service

Council has established a Customer Request process that enables staff to efficiently follow up where action needs to take place in regard to Council facilities, services, programs or projects. To complete a Customer Request Form, click here:



Residents are encouraged to report vandalism to Council property to allow for rectification.

If you see something on Council property report to Council by completing the form. If you see someone in action vandalising Council property, call 11444 immediately and report it to the Police.



We place an emphasis on resolving requests for service and complaints as quickly as possible, however also acknowledge that from time to time, customers may be dissatisfied with how a service or project has been delivered. We encourage customers to advise us of things which have gone wrong so we can rectify matters where appropriate.

Please complete the Complaints Form to submit your complaint to Council or contact us using your preferred approach.

When we receive your complaint, we will arrange for the relevant manager to follow up the matter. While most issues are usually resolved within the expected timeframe, there are times when they require a more detailed investigation. Normally you can expect acknowledgement of your complaint within 5 working days. We will investigate your complaint and advise you of the outcomes as soon as possible. If your complaint is not easily resolved or is of a serious nature it will be referred to the relevant General Manager.

When it is not possible to meet deadlines due to the nature of the investigation, you will be kept informed throughout the investigation.

If you are in doubt about how your complaint is being handled, please email light@light.sa.gov.au or call 8525 3200 to gain information regarding the progress of the investigation.



Request for Formal Review of a Council Decision

If you would like Council to formally review a decision regarding service, staff or Council, you are encouraged to make a written application to the Chief Executive Officer (this will enable you to clearly and concisely state your concerns). Your letter or email should include:

  • a statement clearly indicating that you would like the decision reviewed under Section 270 of the Local Government Act 1999;
  • details of the decision you would like to have reviewed;
  • details regarding the reasons that you have requested the review.
  • any other relevant information.

Assistance is available for applicants where necessary to help prepare the letter/email.

Correspondence should be addressed to Chief Executive Officer, Light Regional Council, PO Box 72 KAPUNDA SA 5373 or email light@light.sa.gov.au.

Light Regional Council
PO Box 72
Kapunda SA 5373
Tel: (08) 8525 3200