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Wastewater/Septic Tank Management

Community Wastewater Management Systems (CWMS) Sewer and Septic Tanks

The CWMS comprises of two major components, properties that utilise a septic tank before connecting to the CWMS and those properties that use sewer connections (no septic tank required).

Council's CWMS operates in four townships within the district:

  • Kapunda
  • Freeling
  • Greenock
  • Roseworthy

Most properties in these townships require the installation of a septic tank that is connected to the CWMS. Currently there are two sections in Freeling and one section in Kapunda that utilise sewer connections (Please refer to the listed maps for those areas that are currently connected to the sewer system). For specific details of CWMS line locations and invert levels please contact Council's Environmental Health Officer.

Septic Tank Pump Out Programme

Council provides a Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) to residential and commercial properties in Kapunda, Freeling, Greenock and Roseworthy and septic tanks for properties connected to the CWMS are pumped out by a contractor engaged by Council once every four years, usually in November or December.

Below is the pump out programme and to determine which area your property is located in please refer to the maps below.

2019Kapunda Area B/Freeling Area C/Greenock Area A
2020Kapunda Area C/Greenock Area B/Nuriootpa
2021Kapunda Area D/Freeling Area A/Roseworthy Township
2022Kapunda Area A/Freeling Area B
2023Kapunda Area B/Freeling Area C/Greenock Area A
2024Kapunda Area C/Greenock Area B/Nuriootpa
2025Kapunda Area D/Freeling Area A/Roseworthy Township

Sewer Connection or Waste Control System Application Forms & Fees can be found online.