Food Safety Information and Application Form for New Food Sellers

What is a food business?

A food business is any business that handles or sells any type of food for sale, with the exception of some primary industry activities. Manufacturers, restaurants, take-aways and supermarkets are clearly food businesses. Less obvious food businesses include bed and breakfast establishments, food stalls at fetes, cold stores, service stations and cinemas that sell packaged food and food provided under a contract of service such as supper served at a dinner dance or lunch served at a staff canteen.

Food Catering Sites Keeping Community Events Safe(171 kb)

Food business notification form

It is a requirement  under the Food Act 2001 that all food businesses within the council area complete and return a Food Business Notification Form before commencing any food business operations. This information will ensure we have correct and up to date contact details, location and the nature of the food business. The form is only required to be completed once, unless the details of the food business change.

Link to Food Business Notification Form

For more information contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer on 8252 3200.