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Playing music at Public Events

Event Organisers are encouraged to consider the amenity of the surrounding areas when organising events in public reserves and open spaces. Managing noise levels ensures Light Regional Council remains a liveable, supportive environment for all. Event Organisers are required to request an exemption under the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act, 2016 from Council’s Compliance Team for their event. Please supply the following details with your request:

  • Location of event;
  • Date, time and duration of event;
  • Activities that may impact and cause a local nuisance (eg) amplified noise, odour, smoke, fumes, dust;
  • A Site Nuisance Management Plan for the event

If you are playing music “in public”, you will need permission from the owners of copyright in the music, lyrics and sound recording.

A performance which is given for free or which has a small audience may still be regarded as a “public” performance for the purposes of copyright. However, performances of music at events such as weddings or birthdays will not generally be “in public” as these events are considered private in nature.

The Australian Copyright Council has  released a factsheet titled ‘Music-Playing Music: APRA & PPCA’ which contains information about the licences people need for playing live and recorded music “in public”.

The factsheet can be found on the Australian Copyright Council website.