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Little Corella Management

The Light Regional Council and the Barossa Council are working together to manage the Little Corella flocks that are starting to gather across the Light and Barossa Region. During the last Corella roosting season the most affected areas within the Light Regional Council included Hewett, parts of Kapunda and Roseworthy, Greenock and Kingsford. This season the township of Kapunda is the first to report sightings of Little Corella flocks.

Little Corellas The Little Corellas have caused damage to buildings, infrastructure and trees. The Light Regional and Barossa Council are working on locating and disrupting the flocks in an attempt to discourage their habitation and roosting in areas around the region.

Ms Lisa Sapio, Manager Development Services has advised that “Council is engaging with a number of land owners and 'designated spotters' who are reporting flocks of Little Corellas to Council’s General Inspectors so that these areas can be targeted. Council’s General Inspectors are also seeking the community’s assistance in reporting flock sightings. This will assist the Council in targeting known roosting hot spots and employing various techniques to move the flocks out of the region.”

Ms Sapio said “Little Corella flocks have been sighted in Davidson Reserve, Kapunda and The Hewett Community Centre, Hewett over the last week”.

The Light Regional Council has collated a 'Corella Management Plan' that outlines a number of measures that will be employed over the coming months which includes the use of drones, bird fright shells, flashing strobe lights, starter pistols and the like around townships areas and live ammunition in appropriate areas.

Mayor Bill O’Brien noted that, “To manage the disruption and destruction that Little Corella flocks can cause the Council will be expanding the range of management techniques that it uses this season. We appreciate the community’s support in these efforts, and thank them in advance for tolerating any incidental inconvenience the management program may cause in order to assist with providing relief to this challenging regional issue.”

Ms Sapio anticipates that some residents around the areas of Hewett, Greenock, Roseworthy and Kapunda along with the wider region may therefore hear and see the shooting of bird fright shells or use of drones along with other management strategies. Ms Sapio requests that any sightings of Little Corella flocks should be reported to Council as this will allow staff to gain a better understanding of their movements and behaviours across the region which will assist Council in targeting specific areas in an attempt to reduce their intention to roost. Sightings within the Light Regional Council can be made via the Council's website at or via telephone on 8525 3200.

Click below to view the Little Corella Management Plan 2016.

Little Corellas Managment Plan 2016.JPG