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Bees & Wasps

Keeping a Bee Hive on Your Property

Council does not have any restrictions on a property owner in an urban setting keeping bees but recommends the following.

Have a chat with your neighbours before you get started, it is friendly and ask them does anyone in your home suffer from a medical condition that may make the presence of bees potentially risky to their health.

Keeping a Hive

A property owner is recommended by Council to keep only one hive only on their property. A bee hive should be positioned away from the property boundary so that the bees are flying well above head height before they leave your property.

When kept in urban area, bee hives need to be managed by a knowledgeable beekeeper with good, responsible hive management. Council recommends investigating how to keep bees; there are a number of organisations and individuals that may be able to assist.

As a starting point, Council recommends to visit the Beekeepers' Society of South Australia website, there are some great resources in this site.

Biosecurity & Hive Registration

Beekeepers must be registered. Registration in South Australia is under the Livestock Act 1997 and is free for under 4 hives or less. The PIRSA website has instructions for registration.

And Lastly

Bees are important for the environment and their honey tastes great, but bees are wild and in the wild they can take care of them selves but in a urban setting they will need responsible management. Happy Bee Keeping.

Bees or Wasps on Council Property

If bees or wasps are found on Council property, please contact Council's Environmental Health Officer on 8525 3200 or complete an Online Customer Request Form.

Bees or Wasps on Private Property

Council does not provide a bee or wasp removal service. If bees or wasps are found on private property you can contact the following:

Bee Swarm Removal - Roseworthy
Telephone: 08 8524 8168 or 08 8522 6197
Mobile: 0407 794 443

Grays Pest Control
Telephone: 08 8563 0430
Mobile: 0432 743 746

To find out more information about European Wasps please click here: European Wasps Information Sheet

For further information please contact Council's Environmental Health Officer on 8525 3200