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Grading Program

Monthly Grading Program

Light Regional Council has a large network or rural roads, the majority of which are unsealed.

There are four classes for unsealed rural roads:

Class 1 Local arterial roads with high traffic volumes at higher speeds, freight routes.
Class 2 Transport routes for school bus, minor industry, commuter and tourist traffic.
Class 3 All weather access to rural property dwellings.
Class 4 Formed roads providing access (not all weather), generally for primary industry.

Council has a maintenance program for grading of unsealed rural roads.  Please refer to the list below for the roads to be graded August/September 2019: 

  • Bagot Well Road
  • Moppa Road
  • Moppa Springs Road
  • Research Road
  • Tolley Road
  • Mattiske Road
  • Hanisch Road
  • Presser Road
  • Jenke Road
  • Heinze Road
  • Nain Road
  • Branson Road
  • Dommenz Road
  • St Johns Road
  • Vinegrove Road
  • Wingate Road
  • Ward Belt Road
  • Twartz Road
  • College Road
  • Parkers Road
  • Gawler River Road
  • Wilkinson Road
  • Hatcher Road
  • Oates Road
  • Nottle Road
  • Hayman Road
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