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Engineering - Standards & Requirements

Light Regional Council has adopted the Infrastructure Guidelines SA as a set of standards and requirements to be used when constructing assets connected to or to be incorporated into public stormwater, footpaths, roads, sewer, water, parks etc.

The following documents have been prepared by Light Regional Council as a reference to assist developers, planners, engineers and the general public who are involved in the planning, design or construction of development in the Light Regional Council area.

These standards and requirements aim to encourage “best practice” in the development of new urban areas in the Light Regional Council. It is acknowledged that “best practice” changes over time and reviews will be made to these standards and requirements as needed in order to reflect such changes.

These documents and standards should be used by developers for infrastructure planning and design, however, each development site and Development Application will vary from site to site. Accordingly, designers are encouraged to consult with Council’s Strategy and Development Department staff and any other relevant authorities prior to and/or during the preparation of designs.

Designers, in addition to the requirements of these documents, should ascertain the specific requirements of all authorities as they relate to the proposed designs for the specific development site.

Development approval will be incumbent on all of the requirements of the Development Act 1993, the Light Regional Council Development Plan and site-specific planning conditions being met. This document does not specifically address planning issues and the applicant should contact Council’s Strategy and Development Department regarding these issues.

The following documents shall be used in the planning, design and construction of Direct Infrastructure Assets as identified in developer contribution agreements established between Council and the developer.

The following documents are not intended to inhibit innovation. Council encourages and will consider innovative design where it can be demonstrated that the alternative approach is equal to or superior to the standards set out in this document.

Engineering Documents

pdf As Constructed Drawing Requirements - Major 1_10_12
As Constructed Requirements - Major

pdf As Constructed Drawing Requirements - Minor 1_10_12
As Constructed Requirements - Minor

pdf Bonding Deed - Template
Prior to Section 51 Clearance

pdf Design Drawings Checklist
Design Documents  - Checklist for Engineering Documentation

pdf Final Completion & Subsequent Conclusion of Maintenance Period Process
Contruction - This document provides a brief outline of the requirements to achieve Final Completion and the conclusion of the Maintenance Period process.

pdf Practical Completion & Subsequent Commencement of Maintenance Period Process
Construction - This document provides a brief outline of the requirements to achieve Practical Completion and the commencement of the Maintenance Period process. These works must incorporate all aspects of the Planning Approval and Operational Works Decision Notices, together with any requirements of concurrence agencies.

pdf Standards and Requirements for the Design and Construction of Infrastructure Assets in South Australia

pdf Traffic Control Devices Certificate of Approval
Design Documents - for the installation, alteration or removal of Traffic Control Devices on Council Maintained Roads.

pdf Verges & Footpaths
Information Brochure

Engineering - Standard Drawings