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Electronic Rates FAQ

What are the benefits for having my rates delivered electronically?

Receiving your rates electronically, rather than hard-copy, will make it easier and more convenient for you to manage your payments. By having the notice available on your electronic device (phone, laptop, tablet), you will be able to pay your rates at anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Receiving electronic rates also means you will no longer receive hard-copies in the mail, saving paper and reducing waste.

How do I sign up to receive my rates notice electronically?

You will need to register to receive your rates notices electronically. There are two different ways you can register:

  •  By email to your inbox straight from the Light Regional Council
  •  From BPAY View to your online bank account

How do I register to receive my rates notice via email?

To register for email delivery, simply fill out the registration form found on the Ezybill website.

As simply as that, your next rates notice will be conveniently delivered to your nominated email address. The email will contain a link to the Light Regional Council’s secure payment system, so you can pay your bill direct if you wish.

You will also receive reminders and other relevant notifications and will also be able to view or reprint current notices, as well as previous notices, on whatever device or computer you have handy.

How do I register to receive my rates notice via BPAY View?

To register for BPAY View delivery, simply:

  •  Log into your internet or mobile banking
  •  Look for the BPAY View or View Bills section
  •  Register to receive your Light Regional Council rates notice

Your rates and overdue notices will now be sent straight to the same online bank you use to pay them. You will also be sent notifications, reminders and will have secure online or mobile access. To find out more about BPAY View, visit their website.

How do I pay my rates with the new electronic delivery system?

You will still be able to pay your rates in the same way you currently do, regardless of how you receive your notice. For example, you can still pay via online banking, credit card or in person.

Once I have signed up, will I still get hard-copies of my rates notices?

No, the electronic notice will replace the hard-copy you used to receive.

Will the rates notices look different?

No, the electronic rate notices will look the same as the hard-copy one you have previously received via the post.

Is it compulsory to sign up to get my rates notice electronically delivered?

Having your rates notices sent to you electronically will make it easier and more convenient for you to manage your payments, however it is not compulsory to register for this method of delivery. Ratepayers who do not choose to register will still receive hard-copies of their rates notice.

What happens if I move houses?

Your account for that assessment will be de-registered.  If you buy another house within Light Regional Council you will need to register that property to receive the electronic notice.

Can I receive more than one notice from a single email address?

Yes, you can register multiple assessments for the single email address.

Can multiple recipients’ receive the same notice?

Yes, provided they are registered to that account

When will this new electronic delivery system be happening?

The systems are already in place and you can register to begin to get your rates notice delivered electronically from the next payment cycle.

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