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Dogs Wandering at Large  -

Council is committed to re-connecting lost dogs with their owners whenever possible.  To assist with this it is imperative that dogs are registered and display both their registration discs and, ideally, their owner's contact information.

Wandering dogs are collected by Council during office hours and through to 6:00pm. Please contact Council's General Inspector on 85253200 to advise when assistance is required.

After 6:00 pm, Council does not have an after-hours dog collection service, however if wandering dogs are secured by members of the public after hours, please advise Council.

If the dog features a registration disc Council will advise the dog owner to arrange for collection.  If not, arrangements will be made by Council to collect the dog early the next working day.

If a wandering dog is collected by members of the public and feature registration and contact information, please contact the owner to arrange for their collection.

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Principal Office

93 Main Street,
Kapunda SA 5373

Branch Office

12 Hanson Street,
Freeling SA 5372

Operations Centre

Stephenson Street,
Freeling SA 5372


Opening Hours

The opening hours of the Kapunda and Freeling Offices are 9.00am to 5.00pm - Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays and Christmas break) 

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Libraries located at Kapunda, Freeling and Greenock

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Visitor Information Centre located at Kapunda

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