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Little Corella Management Plan

Council has recommenced its Little Corella Management Program to remove the birds from areas where they are causing a nuisance.

Seasonal flocks of Little Corellas have returned to various townships across the Light Regional Council.

As in previous years Council has recommenced its Little Corella Management Program, which involves a contractor moving the birds on from various locations where they cause a nuisance. It is important to do this soon after initial spotting of the flock to discourage the birds from identifying favourable roosting locations.

The management program necessitates the use of equipment which may create loud noise and/or flashing lights at various times. If this program is being implemented in your area, please ensure your pets are secured on a lead when in public, or secured on your property to prevent the animal running away if startled by these actions.

Council’s contractor and vehicle will be identifiable through the use of the Light Regional Council logo.

For further information contact Council’s General Inspectors on 8525 3200 during business hours, or view Council’s Little Corella Management Plan on Council’s website.

Council would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding while we manage this matter.

Little Corellas

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