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Dog and Cat Reforms

New laws for cat and dog owners and breeders will soon be introduced in South Australia. These changes are designed to improve dog and cat management and welfare and are the result of years of planning and public consultation.

Compulsory Microchipping and desexing

From 1 July 2018 it will be compulsory for all dogs and cats above a certain age to be microchipped and all dogs and cats born after that date to be desexed. There will be certain exemptions for working dogs and registered breeders.

Microchipping is a safe and permanent way to identify your dog and cat. The procedure is quick, with no ongoing discomfort and can only be carried out by a trained, authorised implanter.

Visit www.dogandcatboard.com.au or chipblitz.com for more details.


Compulsory Breeder Registration

From 1 July 2018, anyone that breeds a dog or cat for sale or trade must register as a breeder with the Dog and Cat Management Board. The pre-registry form can be accessed on the Dog and Cat Board's website


New Fines and Expiations from 1 July 2017

From 1 July 2017, many fines and expiations for irresponsible dog and cat owners will increase.

These tougher penalties, along with increased council powers to investigate and prosecute offenses, including the ability to seize evidence and compel owners to give their name and address, will help address the problem of dog attacks, and remind owners of their legal responsibilities. For further information please visit: www.dogandcatboard.com.au/news/new-dog-and-cat-laws-handy-overview


New Rules and Powers

New rules will apply to breeders and sellers. There will be guidelines and industry standards that stipulate minimum welfare conditions.

Councils will have greater powers under the revised laws, including increases in some expiations and penalties.


DACO – a new way to register your dog or cat

Dog and cat registration, along with the way you manage your pet dog or cat’s microchip, health and breeder information, will be simplified with the introduction of a new website.

Dogs and Cats Online (DACO) will be the central point for all your dog and cat management payments and information, replacing the 68 individual council systems and private microchip databases currently in place.


Changes to dog registration categories

As of 2017, dog registration in South Australia has been simplified. Your dog now falls under one of two simple categories. These changes have been made to streamline registration categories throughout the state.

  • Standard Dog - a dog that is both microchipped and desexed
  • Non-Standard Dog - All other dogs, including those with exemptions

Further information about these changes are available by reading the Dog and Cat Reforms 2018(95 kb) or by visiting www.dogandcatboard.com.au

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